company incorporation Malta

At Accounting Services Ltd, we are able to take care of incorporating your company in Malta or offshore and offering you the right corporate service package to help you administer your company.

Malta is considered as a centre for financial and corporate services and it is therefore an ideal setting for companies to operate and offer the most excellent opportunities to maximise profits within a legitimate and transparent business structure. At Accounting Services Ltd we specialise in Limited (Ltd) Malta company formation and registration, and corporate administration services by offering a cost-effective structure tailor made for your company.

There are many benefits for incorporating a Malta company and our tax consultants can help your business avail of the most advantageous tax incentives being offered within the Maltese tax regime. Malta operates a full imputation system under which companies are taxed at a rate of 35%; however they are entitled to claim tax credits which can potentially result in an effective tax rate between 0% and 10%.

Our specialised workforce will assist you from the initial stages of a Ltd company incorporation to the day-to-day running of the company.

Our full corporate services package includes:

Malta company

Offshore company incorporation:
UK, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Seychelles, UAE & more

Domiciliation &
registered address

Management of a
Malta company

Secretarial Services

Company Maintenance Services


Liquidations &

Taxation services