Running a business is hard work, and it’s not made easier by the ever-increasing amount of administration and back-office tasks that seem to simply keep piling up and never getting done.

The problem with admin work is that although it’s very important, it is rarely seen as able to deliver an immediate business benefit. Because of that, internal administration work often falls by the wayside, abandoned and never to be picked up. This is an undesirable situation as solid back office and admin work virtually guarantees the smooth running of the ‘front of house’ section of the business, and so, should not be abandoned or forgotten.

Accounting Services provides expert assistance in all things back office. Using our own team, expertise, and facilities, we can be your extension, ensuring that back-office tasks are rapidly carried out in the highest professional manner.

If you need to offload your administrative work, Accounting Services would be very happy to act as your backup office. Our services can be tailor made to suit your needs, saving you the time required to complete back office, and offsetting unnecessary HR headaches.

In addition, a great advantage of outsourcing your back office and admin work to us is that you will not need to seek, recruit, and then train anyone new in your company, which as we know, is a costly endeavour. Our team can hit the ground running right away, and with no contractual obligations, sick leave, national insurance payments and recruitment agency fees for you to be concerned with.

Accounting Services can act as a specialist agency working to provide a high quality and reliable service through a team of individuals with expertise in different fields and areas. Through our professional and dedicated team offering virtual administration service in Malta, you will be able to keep low costs and focus on your core business to grow and expand your profits. With Accounting Services, you will be able to have a dedicated administrator and corporate assistance that you can rely on.

The full administration services that Accounting Services offers in Malta are:

  • Administration & back office services
  • Residence cards for EU & non-EU
  • Work permit applications
  • National insurance number application
  • Tax number applications
  • Tax residency consultation
  • Jobsplus engagement and termination forms
  • Outsourced translation services
  • Proofreading and transcribing services
  • Writing and designing business plans
  • Events management
  • Project management
  • Legalisation and apostille services
  • Human resources services
  • Introducer to insurances and legal advisors
  • Travel booking assistance
  • Office coordination assignments
  • Email monitoring services
  • Telephone line rental with call log services