Startups and newly formed ventures are key players to new economy, generating money and contributing to the country’s GDP. Building a competitive economy and attracting foreign direct investments (FDI) should be a key part of any modern and solid country. Malta is becoming increasingly attractive to the startup universe. Thanks to the ease of doing business, it promotes a competitive environment for startups and investments.

Startups bring innovative strategies targeted to accelerate growth and economic diversification, and ready to access new markets once funding is obtained. Our services for startups in Malta are based on a bigger vision which includes long-term relationships with the founders to support the business from the initial stages of planning, forming the business structure, prepare financial projections, raising funds through venture capitalists, private investors, crowdfunding, and funding and grants. Malta provides a good environment for entrepreneurs to turn ideas into business ventures and has an ever-growing startup community. Also to note that the government through Malta Enterprise offers seed and growth funding for startups that are in their early development phase.

Accounting Services can help you kick start your startup and offer guidance and consultancy services all along the way. Our business coaches for startups will assist you on the best way to grow your idea into a successful business. As startups normally have fewer employees due to limited initial funding, outsourcing certain functions may be ideal to reduce overheads costs.

Our main services for startups include:

  • Startups Consultancy
  • Administration Services for Startups
  • Accounting Services for Startups
  • Payroll Services for Startups

Our team can assist from the stages of developing a business idea to implementing stages. Thanks to many years of experience with various small- and large-scale businesses from various industries, our services for startups will help you at various stages of the business cycle and specifically at growth stage. We provide you with an expert advice and objective financial views for the business venture to lead you towards success. Contact us to day to create your startup success story in Malta.