We understand that all this involves a lot of paperwork that puts on a burden on the self-employed individuals especially on those who are about to start this journey and don’t know which authorities to consult first and how to proceed with all the necessary documentation.

Self-employed individuals, such as drivers, real estate personnel, technicians, hairdressers , beauty therapist, nail technicians, chefs, handymen and digital nomads, whether on full time or part time basis, are required to contribute to social security payments, pay tax, provisional tax, as well as VAT.


At Accounting Services, we have personnel with years of experience in guiding and assisting individuals to embark successfully on such venture and handle all personal administration needs.

Our services related to self-employment are the following:


Registration with Jobsplus


Social Security Contributions


Personal Tax Returns

VAT returns

Representation with Tax Authorities

We can offer you a full package for a full time self-employed individual including setup to register for VAT number and NI number, if such services are required. More services such as EU/Non-EU residency cards renewals can also be provided upon request.