Accountant Malta

A word of good advice can often be priceless. The right move early on could bolster a start-up, but the wrong one could hobble it for years to come. At Accounting Services, we’ve seen companies running the entire spectrum of size, type and industry. Some business fundamentals remain the same regardless of the company, others are vastly different. It’s our business to know these things about doing business, and we want to share our experiences with you.

Accounting Services offers all kinds of consultancy services related to the financial sector, to both local and international companies. Such services help our clients to start off, improve, innovate or streamline their businesses, plan ahead, carry out carefully considered budgeting, as well as other, larger deals such as mergers or acquisitions.

Building a new accounting framework can be critical for your company’s growth performance. Our consultancy services include the following:

Company restructuring &
corporate finance

Bank loan

Business advisory &

Business planning

Mergers &

Schemes, tax credits &
grants applications

Forecasting &

However, we are not limited to the above. If your business is facing an issue, or you’re lost as to what the next step should be, we’ll see how best to tackle your particular business situation in the best, most professional, and safest manner possible.