Many opportunities are available to all sort of Malta companies through EU funding across various industries, no matter how small or big your business is. To access such EU funds, one needs to find an opportunity for business growth, apply, succeed in the selection process and proceed with the gained funds to run the proposed project or business. Funding covers a broad range of areas such as business investments and expansion, employment inclusion, agriculture and fisheries development, innovation and research projects, assistance to family businesses and more. The specific criteria for eligibility are set out in each funding programme.

Some of the most popular funding and grant schemes are:

The MicroInvest Scheme launched by Malta Enterprise which is aimed to assist small and medium-sized enterprises to invest, improve, and expand their business by providing a tax credit based on eligible investment. For more info and deadlines about MicroInvest Scheme, refer to the main page here. 

Business Enhance Grant Schemes that support enterprises when undertaking investment projects aimed at securing sustainable business growth, by becoming more competitive, innovative and more resilient to market challenges. Eligible enterprises can apply for specific Business Enhance Grant Schemes, such as for digitalisation, consultancy, growth, equipment and machinery and more.

The Family Business Office Incentives, where a family business established in Malta recognized under the Family Business Act of the Laws of Malta, can qualify for various incentives revolving around Bank Financing, Fiscal Incentives, Transfer of Immovable Property and Shares Interest, Advisory Services, Education and Training, and Governance Incentives.

At Accounting Services, through our team of accountants and grant specialists, we can assist clients to secure grants through various measures. We can handle all the preparation works required for all documentation, business plans, budgeting and more. Contact us to know more and to find out if you are eligible for a grant.