Tax, regrettably is inevitable, however, that doesn’t mean that your business has to be crippled by taxation. There are myriad strategies a business can adopt to offset the effects of taxation, as well as reduce the monetary amounts owed to the taxation authorities. Our tax advisory services here at Accounting Services offer exactly that.

At Accounting Services, we strive to take the best advantage of the local tax system so that our clients can benefit from the different jurisdictions whilst at the same time complying to and fully adhering to the law. We know the law inside out, giving us a unique position to offer the best tax advisory services tailored to each client and their own situation.

We work with both local and international companies who require tax advisory services, tax structuring exercises and optimisation strategies for tax saving opportunities.

Our tax related services include the following:

  • Tax advisory services
  • Tax optimisation strategies
  • Preparation of self-assessment tax returns (Income Tax Returns)
  • Assistance with provisional & final settlement tax payments
  • Compilation of companies’ tax computation as required by the income tax act
  • Registration of shareholders for the purposes of tax refunds